About Us

About us

The PICCINELLI V.I.A.P. is specialized in paint and industrial coating for windows, doors and wooden furniture both new and already painted and mainly carries out work on behalf of industrial companies.
We are also available to private and carpenters located in our territory.

Piccinelli Store as well as supporting the historic “Piccinelli 1983with the direct sale of wooden doors and windows, wood aluminum, motorized aluminum shutters (insulated and extruded) and steel you want to qualify as a company able to give effective answers and real solutions to those who want to build quality housing.

The company aims a lot on research, experience, technical competence, technology, and executive precision with maximum performance, always up to standards.


What we do


  • Inspection to evaluation and then drafting the budget
  • Artifacts collection at your site with our means


  • Ironmongery and glazing removal
  • Total pieces breakdown
  • Sanding, calibrating the rough
  • Grouting and repair of any damage
  • 1st coat of primer in diving
  • 2nd primed underwater
  • 3rd finishing coat by spray painting
  • Transportation on site
  • Mounting hardware and glazing
  • Installation

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