Technical Details

Raw materials chosen with great care, from providers with PEFC” brand for the protection and forest regeneration. careful design and innovative protection cycles allow Piccinelli frames to ensure the durability of its windows and doors against the challenge of time.

From raw material to finished product and the laying

Each piece is made with great care and has the safety features and reliability typical of an industrial product.

The Piccinelli windows: Quality from A to Z
  • Selected Wood, dried in a drier, Class 1A
  • Residual wood moisture control
  • Quality control of wood after cutting
  • The frame accuracy after pasting
  • Guarnizioni con sovrapposizione di 7 mm
  • Seals with overlap of 7 mm
  • Threshold door window sash 25 mm, according to standard, with thermal break for better insulation
  • Insulating glass: 4mm inner panel, air gap 20 mm, 4 mm outer pane variables
  • According to need
  • Flute glass Ventilation
  • Mounting of glass art rule
  • Fixing of the glazing Special
  • Daily monitoring of the quality of the glass
  • Outdoor glass sealing with silicone 4 mm according to standard
  • Verifying the data against water and wind load test


  • Impregnating water-based, coating Flow
  • Background color treatment with water, Flow coating
  • Intermediate sanding machine
  • Final treatment with veiling compact water-based robots with
  • Check surfaces after color treatment
  • Hue according Piccinelli range joinery


  • Fittings system Maico Multimatic
  • Parts zinc metal, passivating, treated with a high-quality wax in accordance with DIN 50941
  • Load warranty up to 150 kg sash weight
  • Secure antilifting error
  • Additional lock from 860 mm
  • Possibility of three-dimensional adjustment on the stay bearing cover and a hinged cover
  • Hoppe handle design
  • Handles Standard colors: chrome, bronze, gold
  • Cover stay bearing and hinge angle coverage coordinates to the handle


  • Casing profiles glued 45 ° with continuous fibers not in opposition
  • Prepared for the di’allarme system contacts the frames (on request)
  • Full foam all around


  • Assembly
  • Mounting “all from the same companyby the editors of the house 9
  • Assembly of the art of windows and frames
  • Disposal of mounting waste
  • Vehicles customer service for fast and competent service
  • Service inspection within 12 months after application