He natural evolution of the CONCEPT wood-aluminium window, the GHOST is ideal for buildings with new architecture with clean, essential lines. The possibility of recessing three or four of the sides of the frame into the wall, giving the appearance of there being no framework at all, means that the view from outside is truly outstanding.
This solution completely eliminates the need for maintenance, as only the glazed part is exposed to the elements meaning the window lasts almost forever. The structure of the frame-glazing joint prevents prowlers from being able to find suitable points of entrance for attack and burglary. Furthermore, the addition of alarm sensors, suitable glass and burglar-proof hardware offers a very high standard of security.

An indispensable element for progressive design, GHOST encompasses many values and is suitable for a variety of applications, such as, for example – concealed hardware, with no visible hinges and tilt and turn pane as standard – The provision of double glazing with several chambers up to a thickness of 60mm – Internal frames that are flush to the pane with frames that are flush to the wall – Integrated sensors with the possibility of inserting an alarm even in the tilted position to air the house while maintaining security – Flush aperture delimiter. Other solutions, which may be customisable, can be arranged with our managers. The GHOST window is at its best in the version with a single opening pane. However, it is also available in versions with two or more panes with a reduced central crosspiece.