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Battista is a line of entrance doors with an understated, stylish look, which stands out on a market characterised by standard solutions with few customisation options.

The decoration on the outer panel is always combined with a smooth panel on the inside, both with coplanar views of the sash. Thermal and acoustic insulation is guaranteed by a panel with a total depth of 84 mm, including the internal insulation.

New materials which are pleasing to the touch, in fashionable colours and with a matt finish.
Simple lines and regular shapes dominate, often triangular, mirroring the company logo, but also asymmetrical.


These decorative panels convey their strength through classic yet modern geometric shapes, in the many colour options and the possibility of adding glazed sections. A high standard of strength and security is guaranteed by outer tubular steel reinforcements inside the PVC profiles.

The optional addition of pins on the larger hinges and an external defender protect the product against attempted break-ins.

Closing as standard with auto-locking lock, also available upon request in a motorised version. The sandwich panel is made by the internal/external bonding of extra-strong Mineral Panels, 8 mm thick. The insulating hollow space is 30mm, making the panel total thickness 46 mm, installed inside the sash and fixed with glazing bead profiles.”

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